The Evolution of Gin

Everything Begun

Life is about discovery.  As much as we already know, there is always more to learn. In 1848 Henry Walter Bates left on a journey of discovery to the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, where he spent 11 years studying thousands of different life types.

Contribution to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

His work became a major contribution to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.  And his years spent in the Amazon is what inspired the discovery of Bates Gin.  Now you can discover it too!


Commemorates renowned English naturalist Henry Bates 11-year exploration of the Amazon Rainforest, where he made many unique discoveries. Exotic botanicals from the rainforest gives Bates Gin its delicate and distinctive taste.

Enjoy Bates Gin in a martini or in your favorite cocktail. Saúde!

BATES GIN: Espresso Notes

We Blended the finest organic Brazilian coffe beans with Brazilian distilled Bates Gin provide you with a truly distinctive drinking experience. Enjoy Bates Gin with Espresso Notes to liven up your next Espresso Martini or try it on the rock. Saúde!

Inspiration – Bates Gin


Bates Gin was conceived through the same meticulous analysis with which Henry Bates approached the study of entomology.  Master distillers José Ricardo Fucci and João Fucci began with the purist 100% Cane Neutral Spirit made from Brazilian sugar cane, and blended it with Juniper and many exotic botanicals from the Amazon Rainforest.  Then, using their exclusive and patented multi-distillation process, they crafted Bates Gin. The result is a delicious, aromatic spirit that will delight your senses and send you on your own journey of discovery!


Bates Gin is handcrafted in Brazil using an exclusive and patented multi-distillation process, invented by Master Distiller Joao Fucci.

The Master Distiller

Joao Fucci

The Master Distiller, with over 30 years of experience, is João Fucci, developer of the exclusive and patented Multi-distillation process. This innovative process includes 27 carefully controlled distillations that allow total control over the quality and purity in the spirits we make.